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Workflow Mapping

We believe in the power of optimizing people and processes to create a successful, sustainable and innovative environment for growth.

Workflow mapping is a high-level brainstorming method used to uncover where time and money is spent in an organization and brainstorm ways to enhance efficiency. The map also provides a blueprint of the organization's process that creates clarity and promotes communication and collaboration amongst team members. Our facilitators are skilled in the art of helping teams define their process and maximize the insights that follow. Through this process, we work alongside your business to maximize your bottom line.

Botree specializes in:


The Botree team leads participants through an interactive workshop to uncover details of their specific workflow processes. Together we build a consistent strategic process to ensure efficiency and excellence that eliminates redundancies, reforms inefficiencies and capitalizes on opportunities.



Supported by the Botree team, participants problem solve actionable solutions to identified areas for improvement. Together, we optimize efficiency resulting in concrete strategies for execution.


Using information gathered through the workflow process, Botree creates a detailed execution plan to address barriers and opportunities and provide any necessary structural adjustments. Together we develop and execute on sustainable techniques for change.

Our workflow mapping programs include:

  • Workshops

  • Digital copy of the map

  • Compilation of key insights

  • Strategies for leveraging insights

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