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Resources designed to support the evolution of your processes.


Free Downloadable Asking Vs Telling.png

Asking vs Telling Cheat Sheet

As a leader, it is important to understand your employees and optimize your people. This resource will support you in learning to communicate effectively to reach your desired results. 

Free Downloadable 1 on 1.png

1:1 Coaching Template

Optimize your employees using our 1:1 Coaching Template. This quick, simple, and effective template will help you to have meaningful meetings with your team members. 

Free Downloadable Connect with DiSC.png

Connecting with Disc Printable

You know the DiSC types of all of your employees, now what? Using this simple printable resource, you can see how to easily connect with the four different DiSC types.

Free Downloadable Skill vs Will.png
Free Downloadable Hybrid Meeting Checklist.png
Free Downloadable Successful Performance Management.png

Skill vs. Will


Using the Skill vs Will template, you will uncover the employee's skill and willingness levels on certain tasks and how to utilize that knowledge for actionable results. 

Hybrid Meeting Checklist


The future of work is hybrid- but how do you make hybrid work for you? Use this resource to help you plan and optimize your hybrid meetings.

Performance Management Poster


What should successful performance management look like? Botree's labelled diagram will show you the results you'll want to get from your team members.

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