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What Makes Botree Different?

We support you in meeting your inherent potential.


We start with the who.

  • We focus on people first

  • We let participants guide programs

  • We prioritize community connectedness

  • We solve problems through collaboration and interaction


We work alongside your business to maximize your bottom line.

  • We identify areas that are costing your business money and create fast-acting solutions

  • We help you get your product or service to market in the most cost effective, efficient way possible


We provide structure with room for unique cultures and goals.

  • We customize resources and exercises

  • We design our process around our clients

  • We honour your roots and facilitate the discovery of sustainable ways to grow

  • Our framework adapts to fit the unique needs of your organization and the people who make it great


We introduce new ways of thinking and doing that improve your organization.

  • We use our industry knowledge to share best practices

  • We facilitate engagement and discussion in a safe, comfortable environment

  • We support you in reaching your inherent potential and help you become better


We prioritize utilizing the most engaging technology and continually find new ways to support facilitation.

  • We introduce new-to-you platforms to build training in

  • We have a large portfolio of technologies to draw from

  • We continually source and utilize new, innovative technology


“Botree has contributed as a thought-leader to many meaningful conversations held at SBX including virtual sales, women in business, building a thriving work culture, and many more. Through the services Botree provides, the team has supported SBX with the tools needed to optimize processes and develop team communication.”

—  Rachael Hargan, Owner/Operator, Plan A Health Care Staffing Solutions – Nipissing, Muskoka, Simcoe

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