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We are not your average training company.

Customized Training

We provide effective training, customized to fit the unique needs of your business.

Our customized training programs are tailor-made to fit the unique needs of your organization and the people who make it great. Using our curated library of innovative technology, Botree creates a dynamic and engaging experience for all participants. The wide array of diverse industry experience represented within our team provides a holistic approach unlike any other training experience on the market.




Whether with clients or team members, we believe in the power of effective communication. Rooted in your unique cultures and values, and using trusted tools like Everything DiSC™, our communication programs are designed to create sustainable engagement, efficiency and connectedness throughout every aspect of your business.



Our leadership coaches with diverse industry experience create custom pathways for leaders to identify their goals, create a strategy and execute with support.



Our comprehensive program modules encompass every aspect of the sales process. Discover key techniques to curate a dynamic and engaging sales experience from virtual execution to effective communication and beyond.

Customer Service 


This action-based program includes practical examples using clear and concrete tactics to engage your customers. Each learner will understand the role they play in creating a successful organization and explore new techniques to make the most of their customer experiences. 

Our TRAINING programs include:

  • Onsite or virtual facilitation

  • Organizational goals and certificates

  • Online professional development resources

  • Comprehensive design of customized content

  • Unlimited access to programs in a specialized online training platform

  • Everything DiSC™ assessments and relevant case studies to explore results

    * One to one advanced skills development training programs available upon request.

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