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Discovery, Analysis, Opportunities, Execution & Sustainability.

Our Process

Discovery:  Botree invests in garnering a thorough understanding of the clients' business.  Considerable research is done to unpack the culture, core processes and driving strategy of an organization to identify where strengths lie and what opportunities exist to grow.  The goal during this time is to uncover the inherent potential of the client and adopt the mindset needed to work with the team in a collaborative, but challenging spirit.

Analysis:  All of the information that we gather is collated to paint a dynamic blueprint of the client's organization. Then Botree analyzes how culture, process and strategy intersect currently and cross-reference this information with organizational goals to draw out key opportunities to develop.


Opportunities:  Botree devises the strategies needed to execute on these opportunities and presents them to the client in a format that highlights wins for today and tomorrow.

Execution:  This is where Botree rolls up their sleeves alongside the client and begins implementation.  Botree will manage a project, develop strategies and resources, conduct supplemental research, train the organization and bring on additional experts to help their client see through the solution.

Sustainability:  With each step the principles of change management are implemented and integrated.  Botree remains a part of their client's team for the months proceeding execution to ensure sustainability and adoption; ready to pivot and adapt should the need arise.

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