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Authorized Everything DiSC Partner
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Botree is proud to be an authorized Wiley DiSC partner, certified to provide comprehensive DiSC assessments and training.


Our commitment goes beyond just delivering DiSC assessments; we ensure you and your team fully leverage the insights gained from these assessments through expert training and valuable resources.

Top Highlights of DiSC

External Communication

  • Understand Your Clients: DiSC helps you tailor your communication style to match your clients' preferences, improving relationships and increasing the likelihood of successful interactions.

  • Boost Sales and Client Retention: By knowing your audience, you can address their needs more effectively, leading to better sales outcomes and stronger client loyalty.

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“DiSC is an invaluable tool. It's very, very important”.
Janete Rondon, Manitoulin Transport

Why Choose Botree for DiSC Training?


Expert Facilitators

Our team of expert facilitators is dedicated to helping you and your team understand and apply DiSC insights effectively. We provide hands-on training to ensure you can leverage DiSC to its fullest potential.


Comprehensive Resources

We don't just leave you with a DiSC assessment. We provide a wealth of resources that you can keep and utilize to continue benefiting from DiSC insights long after the training sessions are over.


Award-Winning Excellence

Botree is honored to be the 2023 Topaz Award winner from Wiley DiSC, a testament to our excellence and commitment to providing top-notch DiSC training and support.

Get in Touch

Get in Touch

Reach out to us to discuss your specific needs and discover how our expert facilitators can tailor a program to fit your organization.

Thanks! We will be in contact shortly.

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