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Ignite Your Passion for Learning

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Level-Up™ Leadership

A people leader program that reimagines virtual interactions to optimize engagement, harness insights and achieve outcomes. Designed for:

  • Organizations who have a dispersed workforce 

  • Teams who have lost connection and collaboration 

  • Businesses who need scalable, accessible, and quick-deployment of leadership learning and development that leverages new technology

The Learner Journey


Program Launch

We kick off the learning journey with an overview of the program, its purpose, and methods.

Occurrence: Once at the beginning of the program.


Self-Paced Module Content

This is where that week’s topic is first introduced. Modules are explained in depth with examples, activities, and resources. Occurrence: Weekly throughout the duration of the program


On the Job Application

Participants will be challenged to use what they learned in the module and adapt it to their daily roles with the aid of provided resources. Occurrence: Weekly throughout the duration of the program

A Typical Week


Live Peer Discussion

In the live peer discussion sessions, participants will gather to talk about that week’s module. They will collaborate, share wins and challenges, and convene in small group pods. Occurrence: Weekly throughout the duration of the program


Capstone Project Presentations

This is a group project that accumulates what was learned over the course of the program with the goal of solving a felt problem in the participant’s teams/organizations. Occurrence: Once at the end of the program.

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