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What we can learn From Wordle

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Let's talk about Wordle.

You've either played it, know someone who has played it, or quite possibly live under a rock. What started as a little game for the developer to give to his partner, became a worldwide phenomenon in a short period of time. Josh Wardle released Wordle, a pun on his name, in October of 2021. The simple game now has millions of users coming back each day to guess the latest 5- letter word.

The New York Times acquired Wordle in a seven-figure deal this January. The game remains popular, with users sharing their daily scores.

So, what can we learn from this? How can the success of Wordle affect the way we learn?

Gamification is the future:

So many Wordle players use it as a morning activity to get their brains going. What better way to practice problem-solving than in a game format? Learning should be fun. According to Zippia, 72% of people surveyed say that gamification motivates them to do tasks and work harder.

Routine-based content:

Have you ever had the Duolingo owl shame you for breaking your streak? It sure doesn't feel good. We’ve all been there. When working towards a goal, we create habits to hold ourselves accountable. Whether it’s running every day, waking up at six am, or quitting caffeine; you take things day by day to accomplish your goal. Streak-based content works to build accountability.

Sharable content:

One of the biggest ways that Wordle grew was the ability to share your score, especially in a visual way. People have even cross-stitched their results. The most popular way to share has been sending results to friends. The ability to share results speaks to our inherent competitiveness, sparking challenges between other users.

What can your business learn from Wordle’s success?


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