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Hello, We're Botree!

Botree is a boutique strategy and education group that maximizes the productivity of organizations through their people and process. So, what does that mean? Every organization has an inherent potential to innovate, reach new goals and constantly work at improving – we help you do that.

Many studies have confirmed* that the average team is not meeting their potential for productivity. We work with businesses by uncovering areas they can increase their productivity through our Roots Assessment, then we custom design a program to help you maximize your potential, finally we facilitate the program and stick with you for a prolonged period to support the sustainability of your evolution.

What does Botree do?

We have been supporting productivity enhancements with our clients for over 10 years and are industry agnostic, which means we leverage innovation from different industries to bring new ideas and fresh perspectives. The experts on our team have taken new business channels and grown them to $15 million dollar markets, helped build fresh go-to-market strategies that redefined industry norms and have travelled across Canada speaking about communication and teamwork.


You know what you are good at and where you need to grow. An outside perspective allows you to see these realities more clearly and develop an execution plan to actually evolve from these insights.

Here’s how we do it:

Want to understand exactly how we enhance productivity for our clients? Here is a list of our cornerstone services:

  • Workflow Mapping – We combine high level and granular process mapping from specific stakeholder perspectives to help you illustrate your business’ key practices and identify how you can enhance them

  • Training – We develop content or redesign your content to create engaging and interactive skill building programs targeted at your organization’s specific areas of opportunity and rooted in principles of adult learning

  • Strategy Building – We facilitate strategy building exercises that bring an external perspective to your internal development and guide you in selecting the right goals and tactics

  • Coaching – We work with managers and leaders to provide the structure, resources and skills building necessary to support high performing teams

Thanks for checking out our blog where we intend to share lots of great resources to help your team be more productive!




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