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Botree "helped us weather the storm of COVID-19", says client

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

COVID-19 has brought many challenges. Most businesses have been affected due to the pandemic, having to shift their process and procedures to keep up.

At Botree, we believe in the power of evolution and optimization of people and process. Our client, Plan A Simcoe, enlisted Botree to provide our Workflow Mapping and DiSC Training services. Plan A considers themselves to be a sidekick to local nursing homes, providing staffing support when they are short staffed. Plan A Simcoe wanted to clarify their process and gain further understanding of their employees to best serve their employees and clients.

Through our services, Botree helped to organize Plan A's office structure and internal work procedures to ensure efficiencies and employee satisfaction. Using our workflow process, we were able to help discover opportunities, simplify their work plan, and find time saving solutions.

As authorized partners with Wiley's Everything DiSC, Botree also provided Plan A Simcoe with DiSC training. DiSC training helps teammates to understand their inherent communication style and the styles of those they work with. By understanding the DiSC types of their team, participants gain the ability to tailor their messaging and affectively reach their goals.

We enjoyed our time working with Plan A Simcoe and providing them with the tools to survive in a tough climate. We would like to thank Plan A Simcoe for giving us an intimate look at their process and allowing us to make positive changes.

Botree: "Would you recommend our services?"
Plan A Simcoe: "Yes! All of my office staff thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from Botree's services. The DISC Assessment and Training gave everyone permission to be themselves at work, and do the work that they enjoyed and are good at. It also helped us see inefficiencies in our procedures and make changes that, in my opinion, helped us weather the storm of Covid-19."

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