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Local company says it has the answer to 'Zoom fatigue'

OrilliaMatters Staff

Botree’s virtual facilitation program was created to support businesses and make their digital meetings a success

With studies from all over the world pointing towards a hybrid-based workplace, it’s clear that virtual meetings are here to stay. That being said, “Zoom fatigue” is also on the rise. Businesses are having difficulty keeping their audiences engaged in virtual meetings and webinars.
Botree’s virtual facilitation program was created to support businesses and make their digital meetings a success.

“Many businesses are seeing benefits with virtual meetings, it’s easier to meet people where they are,” Teena Sauve, Botree’s Senior Advisor said. “Online meetings are more cost-efficient because you don’t have to worry about travel expenses.”

With a hybrid future on the horizon, businesses may be worried about the challenges coming from having to present both physically and digitally. Botree’s services offer tech support, hosting, facilitating activities like ice breakers and polls, production, and the latest technologies to engage attendees.

Botree recently provided virtual training to Central Ontario Broadcasting (Rock95, 107.5 Kool FM, Indie 88, Barrie 360).

“I wasn't sure how a virtual version would engage,” said Dave Carr, General Manager/VP of Programming. “With the options of activities, the virtual experience actually allowed for increased participation with our staff.”

Kelly Letourneau, marketing consultant at Central Ontario Broadcasting, said the virtual facilitation service was able to combat feelings of Zoom-related burnout.

“There was not a lot of 'sitting around' time,” said Letourneau, adding “interactive activities kept the energy up.”

Botree used videos, activities, and even a new speed-dating style software to keep participants involved and active in the conversations.

“By introducing compelling activities that involve active participation, Botree engages with forward-moving flow for even the most passive audience,” Carr said. “The ‘speed dating’ activity really allowed individuals to communicate and learn a little about co-workers in a fun environment.”

“To be successful in the hybrid environment, you have to focus on the digital content first and foremost,” said Sauve. “That’s where I think our (virtual facilitation) service is so crucial. We focus on the virtual and digital components so our clients don’t have to stress about them.”

Book an appointment here for a discovery call to see how Botree’s virtual facilitation service can help your business. More information on virtual facilitation can be found here\

Botree is a business advisory and training group that engages organizations to reach their inherent potential and achieve sustainable growth. We specialize in supporting your people, optimizing your processes and creating customized solutions that support the evolution of your organization through communication, education and efficiency.

For more information, visit their website.

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