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Stop Trying to Hire a Unicorn

Picture the ideal new hire. In the recruitment world, these perfect candidates are called “unicorns”. What does that majestic unicorn look like? What skills have they mastered? What impressive body of work will they bring with them? What personality traits do they have? They sound pretty great, don’t they?

Here is where we burst your bubble. Those candidates are lovingly called unicorns because they are EXTREMELY RARE, if they even exist at all. Recruiters can spend endless amounts of time, money and resources trying to hunt down these unicorns. Anyone trying to hire, or be hired, in the last year knows how competitive the market has become. The hiring process has become increasingly frustrating, for both sides of the job posting.

According to PACE Staffing Network, many businesses have been surprised by the lack of high-quality, talented candidates.

“I frequently hear our small- and medium-sized employer clients lament the competitive challenges of our local marketplace — like more turnover than expected, losing many candidates to higher-paying opportunities, and the recruiting challenges of attracting high-quality talent in a marketplace filled with big brands looking for the same talent.”

Sara Bennett,

Director of Business Execution

PACE Staffing Network

With an overly competitive job market, it might be time to stop wasting resources searching for a unicorn. Look critically at your job posting. Who are you not thinking about? Are you limiting yourself from great employees who may not look as great on paper? Is your ideal employee even possible?

Remember: you can’t actually hire a unicorn, you will be hiring a human for the role. Humans are flawed, but that’s part of what makes us so great.

Instead of trying to hire a unicorn, you should focus on training your unicorns. You may be thinking “I thought you said unicorns don’t exist?”. Yes- but we never said they COULDN’T exist. A little training here and there and suddenly -poof-, you’ve got yourself a unicorn. It’s likely that there are skill gaps on your team that your talented employees could be able to fill.

According to Glassdoor, 87% of study respondents say their company is either experiencing skill gaps now, or expect them within a few years. By upskilling and reskilling your employees, you can close those gaps in your business. You’ve got great people on your team; use training to turn them into the unicorn of your dreams. After all, at the end of the day, who doesn’t strive towards becoming a unicorn?

Botree’s training solutions help you to get the most out of your team, including assisting you in training your very own unicorn. Learn more about our services here

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