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You’ve Been Thinking About Your Business All Wrong

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Have you ever found yourself saying; “we need to be number one in the market”, “we just need to get through this time and back to normal” or “compared to our competitors we are leading the market”?

These are business statements based on finite mindsets – a way of operating with the belief that there are set rules, winners, losers and formulas for success. In Simon Sinek’s The Infinite Game he asks us to imagine shifting this thinking and adopting an infinite mindset. This is a way of understanding that the world has no guarantees, is constantly changing and success is defined by measuring fulfillment based on your own pursuit of a vision. If you want to watch a series of videos outlining Sinek's take on the theory check out this playlist.

Let’s reword the above statements to reflect an infinite mindset; “we need to provide our best value to the customer", “we need to find ways to evolve to meet emerging needs", “we have grown as a company, look how far we have come.”

The revised statements allow for sustainable business because they are focused on offering the best product and gaining customer loyalty, always evolving and thriving in a constantly changing landscape and measuring success based on internal factors which can be controlled. It’s about focusing your efforts on sustained growth and fulfillment rather than competition. Competition really doesn’t make sense when the playing field doesn’t have static, defined rules. If your goal is to just beat the competition and stay number one in perpetuity, your chances aren’t great for winning. If your goal is to build a business that serves a purpose, adapts to bring value and is always looking to grow for sustainability, well that sounds like a plan that CAN deliver on fulfillment in its many versions.

To hear Sinek address his team with an Infinite Mindset during the COVID-19 pandemic check out this video which offers a peek inside his company culture.


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