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How to feel connected - from a distance!

As we all shift our collaboration to online platforms there are a few key things to consider to optimize our time for productivity. Check out the tips below:

Our Tips:

  • Start meetings with some social time - or better yet a fun icebreaker activity that either gets people moving or creating in some way. For example use the white board feature of online meeting platforms to play pictionary or hangman!

  • Be sure to use the most effective platform for the communication purpose i.e. video conference for meetings, email for information sharing, project management tools like Trello for task delegation/ tracking and tools like Slack for day-to-day and conversational collaboration

  • Create an agenda for video conferences that carves out time for information sharing, questions, opinions + social

  • Test technology before beginning collaboration in real time and have the host start the meeting 15 minutes before to allow participants to log on and troubleshoot in advance

Effective collaboration is borne from time spent together where everyone feels included and able to participate in an environment that is light, supportive, creative and social. This IS POSSIBLE online - it just takes a little more intention!

Are you an organization that uses DiSC?

Check out this great resource from Wiley Everything DiSC on how to tailor your video conferences to be effective for every DiSC Style. Not familiar with DiSC but want to know more? Check out this video!

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