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Botree Beats Zoom Fatigue with a “forward-moving flow for even the most passive audience”

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Botree prides itself on trying new things and adapting to challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many changes to the workplace. Most of us are eager to return to normal, however, future trends point toward a continuation of online meetings. With our Virtual Facilitation service, we have been able to provide engaging virtual meetings and presentations for our clients.

Over the last year, we have been experimenting with new technology and activities to perfect online content delivery. We’ve been working with businesses from many different fields to help them engage their audience in virtual meetings.

We recently discussed the Botree virtual approach with our clients, Central Ontario Broadcasting (Rock95, 107.5 Kool FM, Indie 88, Barrie 360). We facilitated our training sessions with them virtually; utilizing multiple different technologies and activities, including a virtual speed dating activity.

Prior to the sessions, The Central Ontario Broadcasting team reported that they had “Zoom Fatigue” and virtual burnout. We asked a few questions to Dave Carr, General Manager/ VP of Programming, and Kelly Letourneau, Marketing Consultant about their experience with Botree’s virtual services. To learn more about Botree's services, and how they can help your business, click here.

Read our Q&A below!

Botree: You recently participated in a virtual program from Botree, how was the experience for you?

Kelly Letourneau: Fantastic! I learned a great deal about myself, my colleagues, and how best to communicate with each of them.

Dave Carr: Outstanding. After completing the first half of our program in a classroom setting, I wasn't sure how a virtual version would engage. With the options of both verbal and written activities, the virtual experience actually allowed for increased participation with our staff. All sessions had an easy-to-follow flow and maintained engagement throughout.

Botree: In your opinion, how did Botree's Virtual Training avoid virtual fatigue?

Kelly Letourneau: Not a lot of 'sitting around time, interactive activities that kept the energy up. Opportunities to visit with colleagues one-on-one.

Dave Carr: By introducing compelling activities that involve active participation, Botree engages with forward-moving flow for even the most passive audience.

Botree: What did you enjoy most about the virtual experience? Why?

Kelly Letourneau: I did enjoy taking the training from home. I could be in a comfortable spot, in comfortable clothes which made the experience that much better.

Dave Carr: The "Speed Dating" activity really allowed individuals to communicate and learn a little about co-workers in a fun environment

Botree: Would you recommend Botree's Virtual Services? Why/ why not?

Kelly Letourneau: Absolutely! A great way to learn about your colleagues and what best way to communicate with them in their Style. It teaches one to think about how their communication style might be perceived and this training offers a chance to mitigate miscommunications.

Dave Carr: Absolutely. The Botree team delivers valuable training with a casual, but easily absorbed approach. Not to mention, the convenience of gathering a large group without travel is both cost-effective and time-saving.



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