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Engage Series for Workplaces

Engage Series for Workplaces

With the rise of remote work, how can you keep your employees engaged?


Disengaged team members will use company time to shop online, socialize, and even look for new jobs. As a business owner, you want to keep your employees engaged, wherever they are.


The Engage Series is a four part collaborative learning experience for your team to come together and contribute to the success of their organization. These meetings are pre-planned and developed by Botree, taking away any extra work from managers. 


Each of the four sessions includes innovative technolgies and will be facilitated virtually by the Botree team. 


Session 1: Engage You - Let’s check in and get aligned as a team!


Session 2: Engage Us - Let’s explore some new ways to communicate with each other!


Session 3: Engage Them - Let’s brainstorm how we can make an impact on others!


Session 4: Engage Together - Let’s collaborate on how we can stay engaged!


As a business owner, you will be given the opportunity to participate in these interactive sessions. You will also be provided with key insights and metrics from our award winning team members. 


In order to get the best engagement from participants, this program is developed for groups of 10-20 employees. For larger teams, we recommend that you separate employees by department and purchase multiple packages. 

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