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Updated: Jun 17

Botree’s Vision for the Future of Instructional Design

In an era where data is the new oil, the ability to analyze and act on data is key for any organization's success. Recognizing this, Botree is embarking on a transformative journey by implementing an innovative AI tool designed for comprehensive predictive data analysis to scale up their instructional design. This initiative promises to enhance productivity, streamline operations, and provide actionable insights that will allow Botree to bring their proprietary Level Up™ learning framework to more organizations.

Botree, a professional development and training group based in Ontario, Canada, is developing an Automated Template Generation Tool to enhance the efficiency and quality of their services across North America. By using the PTPS (Policies, Templates, Procedures, Standards) and data that are provided, this AI platform will automatically produce customized lesson copy that reflects their Level Up™ framework. This increases the speed of generation, reduces errors, and enhances output consistency overall. Additionally, the tool will allow for easy customization and adaptation to meet the specific needs of different clients, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and retention. Overall, the Automated Template Generation Tool aims to revolutionize the way Botree delivers its services and sets a new standard in the industry. But what makes it different from other AI enhanced authoring tools is the deep learning theory expertise that is couched in every lesson generated. 

The Level Up™ Learning Framework

Botree’s Level Up learning framework is intentionally designed to facilitate translatable impact (from course to job) and long-term solutions to pain points. The framework was designed by leveraging the findings from learning retention research to lean into the invaluable assets that learners bring to the table. The learner-driven approach sees learners as complex agents who bring their unique knowledge, experience, education, and ideas into the classroom. The teacher is then not seen as someone who holds all information with the role of imparting knowledge onto blank slates, but rather a facilitator of deeper conversations and connections; utilizing their position to aid learners in linking their past experiences to the new things they are learning. Botree skillfully uses digital environment, scheduling, multi-modal interaction and this learner-driven approach to create communities of learning that enhance culture and drive innovation.

A desire to scale up their impact and increase accessibility to this style of learning led Botree to Georgian College. By teaming up with students and faculty, Botree has started a year-long initiative to develop an AI tool that can bring this impact-focused learning framework to the masses.  Botree hopes to share this invention with more instructional designers to support sustainable organizational growth. Botree’s mission is to serve as trailblazers in utilizing technology for training and professional development solutions that hold connection and community at its core.

Features of the AI Tool

Botree’s new tool will synthesize revolutionary time-saving technology with the wisdom of learning theory to bring enhanced learning and development to every organization. This easily accessed, online tool will allow training leads at any organization to translate their resources into succinct, impactful e-lessons that embed into a training curriculum that reliably turns knowledge into action. Some features of the tool include:

Advanced Data Processing:

At the core of the AI tool are powerful machine learning algorithms capable of handling large datasets with speed and accuracy. The inclusion of Natural Language Processing (NLP) allows the tool to interpret and analyze any unstructured data. This means all of your standard operating procedures; instruction manuals and policies will be transformed into interactive and engaging lessons that stick.

Automated Insights and Recommendations:

By automating the generation of insights and recommendations, the tool reduces the time and effort required for manual data analysis. This empowers organizations without an instructional designer to create powerful training for their organizations. For instructional designers, it means faster development time to make space for volume and creativity.

Seamless Integration:

The AI tool is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing IT infrastructures, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to operations. It adheres to stringent data security and compliance standards, protecting sensitive information and meeting regulatory requirements. With a user-friendly interface, the tool is accessible to employees across various departments, regardless of their technical expertise. The activities and design recommendations are compliant with most e-learning authoring tools making development a guided and seamless iteration

What Impact Can Be Expected from this Innovation?

As the tool is developed and trialled with the Botree team there are specific outcomes the team will be looking for. With the prototype Botree is looking to prove the use-case for internal enhancements and design for future commercialization. Some key outcomes of focus are:

  1. Increased Efficiency:

Automating data analysis processes will significantly reduce the time and resources required for manual data handling, allowing the team to focus on higher-value tasks like learner experience by leveraging innovative technology and driving overall productivity.

  1. Consistency:

Creating a tool that reliably and effectively pulls important data to integrate into lesson content means stronger, more impactful content. With every training program the aim is to enhance retention and translate learning to behaviour change. This tool will ensure key content is effectively highlighted and structured for maximum impact.

  1. Innovation and Growth:

Botree will foster an inventive culture through the AI tool's facilitation of data-driven experimentation and continuous development. An innovative mindset is necessary to stay ahead of the competition in a crowded market and to foster consistent growth. This technology will create time to reallocate instructional design to other functions of training such as team building, critical thought and digital literacy.

What Now?

An important step in Botree's transformation into an ed-tech company has been taken with the launch of a cutting-edge AI tool for content design. Botree is well-positioned to revolutionize learning and development, improve efficiency, and spur stronger workplace cultures by utilizing cutting-edge AI capabilities. By integrating this solution, an organization may become more impactful, efficient, and learner-focused by streamlining instructional design and enabling transformative training.

Article Contributed by studends in the Georigan College AI Program

Manav Sharma

Deep Dineshbhai Thummar

Jolsna Jayadevan

Kamalesh Uthamakumar



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