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Dispersed Workforce – Not Just for the Tech Industry

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Virtual teams, flexible hours and home offices are no longer novel concepts for forward-thinking, innovative organizations – if you aren’t exploring these ideas, you’re already lagging. What started as experimental formats to boost creative thought, foster innovation and leverage global talent has since become standard operation for businesses as the benefits have come back repeatedly validated.

Access Wider Talent Pools

Virtual or dispersed teams allow you to access talent without geographical boundaries and open up a wider hiring pool. By setting up your office with reliable technology, sourcing effective platforms for collaboration and building clear expectations with follow through, many dispersed teams seem to out-perform in-office teams. Check out this video on a successful dispersed team leveraging global talent.

Maximize Productivity + Optimize Creativity

  1. Flexible hours and home offices may seem like a managerial nightmare but in actuality, employees are proven more productive when provided these options. It allows individuals to be just that – individual. We each have our own strengths, times of day we work best and flows best sustained without interruptions. If your managers are trained effectively and your team has the resources they need to build a productive home office, flexible hours open up a world of innovation. The benefits of being hyper-focused while working and building your work into your lifestyle lead to stronger, happier and healthier teams who are more likely to feel job satisfaction and brand loyalty. It's out there and working! Check out this video for a research-based simulation with tips!

There are many great resources out there sharing success stories and tangible tips to create your own adaptable teams - check them out!



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