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Do You Go Around or Through Problems?

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

“Most people spend more time and energy in going around problems than in trying to solve them.” – Henry Ford


Workflow mapping is a high-level brainstorming method used to uncover where time and money is spent in an organization and brainstorm ways to enhance efficiency. The process is about understanding your problems and opportunities head on. Having roots in the manufacturing world, many of you may know workflow mapping as it relates to Lean Six Sigma as a process for identifying inefficiencies. Although we have team members Lean certified, Botree takes a different approach to workflow mapping that fits with our model.

We believe that the defining factor for any given measurement in a business is their people. Who are your people, what are their skills and how do they go about doing things? With that in mind, we translate this approach to our version of workflow mapping. The principles are the same; start at the end, be as granular as possible and look for opportunities and barriers to improve your process. We layer in thinking through the process from different perspectives, highlighting where and how you can invest in your people to enhance the workflow. We also recommend and embed supportive resources into an illustrated version of the workflow so it becomes a living document with executable use value*.

You can read more about our unique Workflow Mapping service here.

Workflow is ideal for a few different types of businesses:

  1. A business in start-up mode who want to build the best possible process to launch their business with – setting them up for immediate exceptional client experience and foresight of any barriers that will arise.

  2. Businesses that have been successful for a while but know they have to be more productive to reach the next level of success – they need to understand where their bottlenecks and opportunities are to reach their inherent potential.

  3. Businesses looking forward and succession planning – businesses that want to increase the valuation of their company and ensure institutional knowledge lives in the organization not the individual making the business turnkey to successors and buyers.

Botree clients that invest in workflow mapping with us see an average of $10,000 in bottom line savings immediately during the live workshop. Having an illustrated overview of your business and clear direction for your team is invaluable - the added savings are a bonus!

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