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Transformative Training Programs
for Exceptional
Learning Outcomes

We believe that people are the roots of every organization. We partner with innovative and growth-minded companies to upskill their team and achieve their strategic goals through learning and development.


The Botree Way

With over a decade of experience, we've synthesized the most impactful learning theories to create training programs that truly work.

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Social Learning Theory

Peer engagement and the application of what is taught

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Spiral Learning Theory

Apply the learning in diverse situations

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Spaced Learning Theory

Revisit key concepts and skills multiple times

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Active Leadership Practice

Practice new skills within your pods and roles at work

Training Done Different

...but really.


Who We Are

At Botree, we leverage over a decade of experience to offer digital-first training programs that help organizations level up. Our innovative Level-Up Learning Programs are designed to upskill teams and achieve strategic goals through transformative learning. Join us and elevate your skills for the future of work.

Our Services

Igniting Excellence Together 

Plan a

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