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It is estimated that in the next 5 years 40% of entrepreneurs will be selling their business - that equates to $150 billion changing hands. The biggest mistake of sellers? Underestimating the time to prepare and the need for investment to attract buyers for top value*


Actively executing on your plans for succession and investing to maximize value often falls to the bottom of priorities. Our team of experts and partners know what to focus on and assist you in investing the right amount in the right places to maximize your business. Let us make the transition seamless. Our succession planning projects include:

  • Facilitating Alignment with Stakeholders

  • Pruning and Strengthening Internal Policies / Structures

  • Cultivating an Attractive Culture

  • Creating a Turnkey Portfolio for Buyers

Project quotes available upon request.

*"The coming wave of business transitions in Canada" BDC 2018

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