46% of professionals receive vague or unclear direction daily - 36% of them say this happens up to 3 times a day.*


We all know it, time is money. Workflow mapping is a quick and easy launch point to uncover where time and money is spent in an organization and brainstorm ways to be more effective. On top of these insights, the map provides a blueprint of the organization's process that eliminates misalignment and allows teams to communicate and collaborate clearly - wasting less time on interruptions to process.  Our facilitators are skilled in the art of helping teams define their process and maximize the insights that follow. Our workflow mapping sessions include:

  • 1 Half-Day Workshop

  • Digital Copy of the Map

  • Compilation of Key Insights

  • Strategies for Leveraging Insights

Workflow Mapping Workshops start at $4,750.

*"How communication affects the flow of work in an organization" LinkedIn 2018