Over 1/3 of workers report their employers have not done anything to support skills development in the last year despite it being a consistent source of workplace dissatisfaction.*


Using our unique Process, Botree brings customization and synthesis of goals and strategy to their training programs. Our experts start by getting to know your organization's strengths and goals and design a tailor-made training program just for your people. Many of our programs include a custom blend of:

  • Communication + Culture

  • Sales

  • Leadership + Management

  • Industry Specific Knowledge

Project quotes are based on the number of training days.

Clients with a minimum of 10 participants and 2 days training can expect a $500-$900 / participant per day estimate which includes: on-site facilitation; custom workbooks; full design of unique content tailored to needs, learning style, relevant case studies and organizational goals and certificate.

One to one advanced skills development training programs available upon request.

*"Managers aren't doing enough to train employees for the future" Harvard Business Review 2017