Over 1/3 of workers report their employers have not done anything to support skills development in the last year despite it being a consistent source of workplace dissatisfaction.*


Using our unique Process, Botree synthesizes customization and organizational strategy in their tailor-made training programs just for your people. Many of our programs include a custom blend of:

  • Communication + Culture

  • Sales

  • Leadership + Management

  • Industry Specific Knowledge

Project quotes are based on the number of training days.

Clients with a minimum of 10 participants and 2 days training can expect a $500-$900 / participant per day estimate which includes: onsite or online facilitation; full design of unique content tailored to needs, learning style, relevant case studies and organizational goals and certificates.

One to one advanced skills development training programs available upon request.

*"Managers aren't doing enough to train employees for the future" Harvard Business Review 2017