Are you suffering from Zoom fatigue and looking for a way to make your virtual meetings more exciting? The Evolve + Engage program is here to help!


We’ve all been there. You’re presenting in a virtual meeting and tech issues arise, you're juggling multiple tasks, and your participants aren’t as engaged as you want them to be. You feel tired, overwhelmed, and unsure of how to make your virtual meetings feel more connected. Virtual meetings are not going anywhere. Future trends point towards hybrid workplaces, meaning that creating dynamic virtual meetings is more important than ever. 


Planning a meeting, creating the materials, and facilitating the technology can be a lot of work for the presenters; that’s where Botree steps in. With our Evolve + Engage program, we take all the stress and hassle off of your plate so you can focus on the content. How can our services help you?


Simply complete the form below to have a call with one of our instructional design experts!

TECH SUPPORT: Admitting participants from the waiting room, troubleshooting tech issues with video and sound

VIRTUAL CO-HOST: Organizing Breakout Rooms, running polls, explaining Zoom engagement tools

VIRTUAL FACILITATOR: Run activities, games, and energizers that create psychological safety, help participants connect and be more engaged

VIRTUAL PRODUCER: Play music, pre-recorded videos, animations, sharing slides